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I did business with UPS twice since I moved the Nashville and BOTH times they failed to deliver my package correctly.

The first time I paid $100+ for 2 day air shipping on a package they "accidentally routed it to the wrong UPS sorting facility" and told me to check back with them on Monday (although I needed the package on Friday). So after countless number of phone calls to automated numbers I gave up and drove to a UPS location they told me that if I really wanted my package I had to drive down to Franklin TN. So much for their guaranteed delivery times and customer service.

The second (and now last) time I used UPS I was out of town and when I got home saw that after waiting on my package for 5 business days it still hasn't arrived. So I tracked the package number and what do you know it has been delivered. Except it has not been delivered to me!!

As it turned out they left a shipping slip at my neighbors apartment (that actually has a different house number). And because they didn't fill out the packin slip (it was completely blank, no name, no address) had my neighbor been home at the time of delivery the driver would have given him my package (that happened to contain the keys to my car that was parked outside the apartment). Imagine my shock that my package was so carelessly handled again by UPS.

The only person who was remotely nice was Dylan who later called and apologized about the incident.

Either way I will NEVER send anything with UPS and will discourage everyone I know from using their services in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Get your money back. Call them and tell then it was suppose to be delivered on this Guaranteed date and it wasn't they will give you back your money.

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