I'm an Amazon prime customer so I order a lot on Amazon and I get packages daily. I'm almost always home yet they never knock the door or ring the bell. Furthermore - I have a sign on the door that says LEAVE ALL PACKAGES at the door. Do they read? NO!

Instead they throw it over my roommate's balcony (note there's a 4 foot wall surrounding said balcony so the box has to drop 4 feet!!!). I don't have access to my roommate's balcony so this is a huge problem.

Incompetent. Can't they read or at least do their job and knock on the door?

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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They don't knock for me either. So I would pay priority for over night shipping but get a week service because I 'missed' a package.


Complain to Amazon...mebbe they'll quit using that cheap *** company.

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