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In Los Angeles UPS is one of the least reliable and most expensive shipping options. They have consistently lied about delivery attempts, which has resulted in packages being returned to the sender on more than one occasion though we were home when they said they attempted delivery.

According to their customer service agents, UPS drivers are required to deliver ALL of their packages each day. In LA, where traffic can be horrible, this is not always possible.

More than once, we have received one delivery tag for the first attempt and never heard from UPS again. Upon looking up the tracking info on their website, we see that the driver supposedly made 2nd and 3rd attempts after 8:30pm. This is obviously an exhausted driver who knows he/she cannot possibly obey the company policy and deliver all the packages, so he/she zaps all of the remaining items in the truck and says that nobody was available to sign for them. Anyone who has gone to get their package after regular delivery hours can tell you that the drivers are all back at the UPS center BY 8pm.

When one calls customer service to find out why the service paid for is not being provided as agreed, the customer service agents have nothing to offer. "You will just have to have the item shipped again once it returns to the sender. Sorry." Supervisors clearly do not care AT ALL if the drivers lie about doing their jobs, even if one has incontrovertible proof that this is the case.

If you request to have the package delivered at a later 'after-work' time, they will tell you that the request has been given to the driver but that it may or may not happen. When nobody is home at 2pm on a Monday, they are likely not home at 2pm on Tuesday or Wednesday either! Even when the drivers mark "after 5:00" on the InfoNotice tag, they generally show up between 2 and 3. Why are those little check boxes with times on the tag if they mean NOTHING?

Over half of the items shipped to us with UPS have to be picked up from them at the closest customer center 10 miles away. What are we paying for? Delivery, right? No, actually you are paying for them to ship between their own buildings.

The US postal service has a key to the lobby in out apartment building, while UPS does not. Items shipped using USPS cost half as much as UPS and they actually get delivered faster than they promise - typically in half the time UPS takes. Even if something requires a signature so the postal worker cannot leave the package at the door, they ALWAYS leave a tag, and the package is waiting at the post office less than 2 miles away to be picked up or they will redeliver at a time when you say you are home. Cheaper AND more reliable AND more convenient? Why are we giving UPS business at all? They are certainly not earning it.

We encourage all of you out there who frequently order online to request delivery by USPS instead of UPS if it is at all feasible. We need to put pressure on online vendors to give their business to the US postal service instead of a worthless company like UPS to save us all money and to stop funding liars who offer a service they don't actually provide. Only a *** pays more to get less, and we are not *** right?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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Several years ago,I discovered the ugly truth about UPS in L.A.

I caught them simply because I am a UPS employee and the tracking "cover up" and unattempted deliveries did not add up.

This center does not meet up to the company's overall standard.

They are an embarrassing apendage and need to be audited immediately.UPS in L.A. is an absolute *** HOLE !!!!!