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I have a form filed with UPS to leave all packages - they ignore it.

They were to deliver overnight express package - they left a InfoNotice claiming signature needed.

Called their 800-833-9943 -

"¢ They cannot find the InfoNotice Number

"¢ They cannot find a package for delivery to me

"¢ They promise local facility to call me within 1 hr - no call after 1.5 hr

"¢ Called back 800 - tell me they have talked to driver - cannot find package (last time they pulled this *** they sent the package back to sender and never tried delivery (so they can charge 2x and return costs)

"¢ I am now required to get the tracking number and call back - last time they lost/returned the package they refused to tell me after getting tracking cause i was not the paying acct rep

They have handhelds to update all delivery items - and claim to be logistics company but they cannot track the packages where you pay top dollar for delivery... One would think that thru the handheld - the InfoNotice would be correlated to the tracking number....

What incompetence and arrogance

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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