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I recently ordered an air conditioner from Best Buy. I unfortunately didn't realize they use UPS, or I would have avoided this whole thing at the start. After getting the standard delivery notice, and signing the back indicating that i give full permission to leave my package in the foyer of my building, the package was still not delivered. I called up UPS who informed me that it was up to the "driver's discretion" whether they feel it is safe to leave a package somewhere.

I was on the phone, telling them that not only was it perfectly safe, but that i would take full responsibility for their leaving that package there without me being there to receive it. Unfortunately, i have a job, and cannot be at my apartment during UPS'delivery hours, and I also live in NYC, have no car, and there's no way i'm going to one of their package storage locations to drag a 70 lb. air conditioner through a two hour train ride.

After their refusal i contacted Best Buy, to see whether they could have their contractor (UPS seems to forget who they work for) deliver the *** thing, if not to my front door, then at least to a local store where i could pick it up. Apparently UPS refuses to change anything, despite specific requests from customers and clients.

They are a worthless company, i have never had a good experience with UPS. If you have an item shipped to you using UPS and you have a normal job, you may as well completely forget about ever seeing that package. I have never encountered such a complete lack of customer service in my life.

While i did get frustrated with Best Buy's inability to help the situation, i got the impression that Best Buy customer service was doing everything they could, while UPS could do absolutely nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Yes it must be frustrating. but...If the driver were to leave an obvious item of value out in the open, I don't care where you live, that item is at risk.

Not only do you lose out if it is stolen, but the driver also becomes responsible.

They are just covering their bottom. There is also a line on the Info Notice where you can request the driver to leave it in an alternate location such as a neighbor or the office.


best buy could have changed the delivery address to a local store if they wanted to, UPS probably wouldn't have even charged them since they're such a good account for them. it happens all the time.

and unfortunately by you saying you accept responsibility if the package is left in the foyer of your building doesn't really do anything, since you are not the shipper, (the one who paid UPS to complete the delivery) best buy is.

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