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UPS is a horribly incompetent and substandard company. This morning I was to have a package delivered from my cell phone carrier, sent Next Day Air Saver.

Now I had heard nobody at my door prior to when I opened it to take my dogs on a walk; yet I find a "UPS InfoNotice" shoved in my screen door. I was confused when I found the note because I had been inside my apartment the entire morning and did not hear one single knock on my door, nor did my doorbell (which is loud as *** & works perfectly) ring at any time. Also, my 2 dogs bark like wild animals whenever people come to my door...obviously, this did not happen. I immediately called their customer service center and talked to 2 different reps who could not help at all; both just kept on repeating platitudes from the same evasive and insincere script.

Today is Friday and now I have to wait until Monday to receive my package; unless I drive all the way out to Cerritos to pick it up. I live in Long Beach and that is too far of a drive to make just because they choose to employ LAZY, inept, deadbeat employees. I just hope that they don't attempt to pull this *** again on Monday, but if they do I will be prepared. A huge sign stating that I am home will be posted on my front door and I will be recording a video of my porch from 8:00am on.

The joke will be on them if they try to pull this nonsense again. I honestly think I may contact the media and suggest that they do an undercover investigation of UPS since this appears to be a widespread problem from what I have been reading online. Get your act together UPS! I have NEVER had one problem with USPS or FedEx delivering packages.

No wonder UPS' business has been on a steep decline for the past so many years. They deserve to go out of business if this is how they treat their customers.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

UPS Cons: Ups driver, Customer service agents, Unethical business practices.

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