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I know there was mispelling and incorrect grammer was just so devastated didnt edit

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UPS wont refund me they destroyed a computer i paid alll the money i had to ship it couldn't afford value fee.They admitted they broke it but will only give me a hundred. 500 dollar computer i am calling corporate tomorrow two people i spoke with at ups said they know im being screwed over.I worked as a preloader at ups never have i seen a package this dstroyed.

You see i am single father of two children we were kicked on street by their mother so i am selling all i have,been a stay at home dad for years, was injured on job.I spent the last 42 dollars i had to ship item i was told by ups store they guarantee packing so i payed for them to do it ,that was a lie. Its really unbelievable how you can give all documents showing value of item and they just dont care.

All they say is our policy only allows us to give 100 well your policy is making me and my children starve you figure a buisness like ups could use their heart and brains. WE really are hungry i havent ate in days ive had people donzte food for the kids just makes me wonder about us as a race

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Perhaps you can see this more easily with this story. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a true story, only for illustration!

I had to ship a box across the country, and only had enough to pay for ground service. I called the next day, and the other person had not received the box ! It had to be there the next day, and the rep stated that delivery was guaranteed !

The other person had to wait extra days for it to get there !

This isn't right ! They should of had it there the next day !

I feel I was taken advantage of !


Had you found a way to pay for $500 coverage, that IS what you would have been paid.....


Thanks yea i spoke with head head supervisor at ups headquarters said they will do nothing and there is no forgiving her anymore.I forgave her for more than 99% of people would we are now living with mom.Thanks for caring means something to here people have hearts still God will take care of us you have a great day


I am so sorry that this company have done such a terrible thing as distroying your 500 dollar computer.

for that they should pay for the price of it, plus extra for pain and suffering. this should not be allowed!!!! it isnt fair! my family and i have been mistreated so badly in this society that we are now living in a small cramped box called a home. because no one wants to take a look at the wrongs and injustices being done to people who dont even have money , yet have people fleiceing them for every penny they have! why is this allowed? and to the people who just say to suck it up and take it. all of you sucking it up are helping more evil to be done to others . by not standing up for what is right and letting everyone do whatever they want to you and your life and your family.

anyway sir, i am sorry and hope you and your family are ok. perhaps you could speak to your wife who you said asked you to leave and see if maybe you two could work on the relationship, perhaps just work on having a place to stay for now.if not in a relationship then perhaps as friends.

it would be great for your children for they would have both mum and dad. if there is any possible way then maybe things can be reconciled.

as for what ups have done, they should be made acountable and i hope they are. someone needs to do something to protect people from having unfair things , terrable things like this happen to them.

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