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UPS – Failure to deliver and don't ask why!

I shipped over 20 boxes of household items, weighing a total of over 1300 lbs from Hawaii to San Diego. One box, marked FRAGILE, NO NOT SHIP FLAT, was full of pictures in frames, posters in frames, oil paintings, etc.

UPS dropped 8 boxes on one day and about a dozen more the next day. The driver said that one box was given back to his supervisor because he heard the sound of broken glass inside the sealed box. BTW the box weight 49 lbs. The next day, checking the tracking code online, the note stated that the contents were missing and the box was discarded! That was 6 weeks ago, UPS refuses to talk to me, saying that I have to get information from the UPS store in Hawaii. The store manager has tried, in vain, to get any kind of information about the contents and what happened at the UPS depot where this all happened. I have called, emailed over and over again, plus filed a claim several weeks ago. Believe me, UPS will NOT CALL YOU about these issues. You have to call and ask for supervisors, all of which are in Atlanta or somewhere else, looking at a computer screen which tells them nothing or at least nothing that they can relay to me personally.

The Hawaii store manager offered to transfer the claim authority over to me, which UPS headquarters refused to do.

UPS strategy apparently is to stonewall, deflect, and ignore their customers, all the while protecting thieves and liars within their organization.

I propose a class action suit to force UPS to deal with their customers, when it comes to determining what happened to their own personal property which has somehow become "lost" in the UPS system.



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I worked for UPS as a driver helper for several months.Every time we would pull into an apartment, he would sit at he entrance for a few minutes writing out non-delivery slips and then run around putting them on the doors.

He said it was faster than knocking.Oh, if you are expecting a package, hide any valuables outside your house because the UPS man WILL steal them!


I have been waiting for my new 900 dollar golf clubs for 2 weeks, and I finally find out that they are lost.Now i have to wait probably another week or two to find out where they are and if they were stolen or not.

then if they can't find them, i have to wait another 2 weeks for them to ship another set of clubs to me.I HATE ups!!!


UPS lost my jet boat parts that have not been made since 1989 and are impossible to find.I found the last available and they lost them making my boat worthless again.customer satisfaction my rear!incomplete off subject answers and idiots on the phone!to *** with UPS!never again!!!!


I am agreeing with the class action suit as they have lost my two boxes full of all of my valuable belongings. And are unhelpful. Please, a class action suit is very much needed to bring this horrid company down!


They lied and said they delivered it at 5pm I was home waiting for it, and no one came. It was a $250 brand new nook tablet. They are scandolous.


I request everyone not to use UPS service.My academic transcripts from my home country in South Asia got misrouted to France in late December 2011 and now the the status says uts sitting in Louisianna.

Upon checking customer service international department, they do not know why there is a delay at Louisianna.Please I request you not to use UPS and save yourself time and money.


UPS SUCKS.Will never use them ever ever again.

They lost our keys to the house and car and I get to speak to bunch of $$$$$$$$ at customer service.The keys were dropped off at doorstep according to them. I was home and no one delivered them and no note ever.

I think the driver has either delivered to the wrong address or has fraudulently kept them.Pissed off with their service.It's time someone took action against them.


Ever hear the phrase don't blame the messenger?

UPS doesn't impose tariffs, your country's customs dept does; hey, someone has to pay for that 'free' healthcare. If you declare the value at $1000 guess what, that is what customs will determine the value is and charge accordingly. It certainly isn't the fault of UPS that Canada wants to squeeze every penny out of it's citizens.


My partner mailed me my engagement ring on the 4th of November.She resides in South Carolina and I reside in Canada.

She had previous to this, mailed me a 50 pound box of items and no issues were had. UPS even phoned to confirm this was a gift going to a residence. It arrived without issues. She attempts to send my ring and it is delivered COD saying I would $212 dollars because of the rings value.

It is a 100 ring insured for $1000 as requested by the UPS teller. I was forced to refuse the COD as they knew I would by my postal code in the DTES. They sent it through brokerage, which I did ~not! request and then informed by fiance that she would have to pay the $212 dollars here plus an additional charge which brough the total to $450 dollars.

I am sitting here waiting for my mother f^&*ing engagement ring in the downstairs lobby. According to UPS it was on the truck and listed as an urgent delivery. It should have been on the first truck out. I ~know~ someone from UPS saw the ring and decided that they deserve it, they even suggested I abandon it.

I have a brain tumor and all my girl wanted to do was put a smile on my face after the bad news I received.Thanks to UPS that isn't going to happen.


I shipped a box up to nyc from my home in Texas because I recently relocated.Three 50lb boxes.

All three had massive holes in them. While not of significant monetary value but of very significant emotional value, I had books and some clothing missing from a box that was delivered with giant holes in the side. All the books that were delivered were ones in which personal notes of dedication had been written on the inside cover. Its embarrassing that such an organization can't retain trustworthy employees.

If you call them, they are the least helpful employees with the worst customer service support.I have since changed to FedEx.

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