I ordered a package and they sent it UPS. I was going to be home all day on a Tuesday, so I paid $5 to have the package delivered that day.

I also released so the package could be dropped at the door. I was upstairs so as soon as I saw the alert I could just come down. They put a failed attempt notice on my door and took the package. I called and explained and they they said it was my fault for not leaving another note.

I was like okay, I will have it delivered on the following Tuesday. Paid another $5 to do that and instead they returned it to the shipper. So I had to call and try and get it reshipped. The tracking info they gave the company who sent it said they tried twice to deliver it then shipped it back.

So they lied to cover their butts. In the end, I had to call 6 different people for their mistake and finally just got it reordered now I have to wait anther two weeks.

They have no sense of customer service and made me feel terrible and anxious over a delivery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

  • Returned to shipper
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