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and the location has the NUMBER IN SIX INCH NUMBERS ON THE BOX AND A LARGE SIGN IDENTIFYING THE BUSINESS OUT FRONT. ALSO, when asked about the location he DID leave the package at, the driver referred to it as a 'blue trailer'. There are NO BLUE TRAILERS ON THE ROAD WHERE THE DELIVERY WAS TO BE MADE. Their is, however, a GREY POLEBARN where MY package was delivered. So, UPS drivers Can NOT READ, Can NOT IDENTIFY BASIC BUILDINGS and rely on GPS...
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I am upset!!!!! I ordered something from on Nov3, 2016, I checked on my order two days from that date and they said I will get order on Nov 7, 2016, Here it is Nov 8 and I still havent got order yet, soI called again and they told me the order were delivered already. No it havent,thedriver left my package at apt. 1 but I stay in apt. i. reallllly someone wrote in my order form wrong or something. On my confirmation pg I wrote in my...
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(I did tell the woman I wanted the manager to come up so I can show him my safety stick, blindmans cane, but she said she would note it on the computer that next time the driver is to hand deliver the package) A few years ago they delivered a package to walker st. I live on valley st and they actually tried telling me its an honest mistake. "Walker, Valley - hows that an honest mistake?" When I was driving trucks UPS was the toughest...
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I didn't like
  • Very unprofessional

Ups Home Delivery Service Review

I think ups drivers suck they don't give a *** about delivering their packages in good shape and not damaged , they just want to throw the packages around and go home.

bought food item online they gave me a tracking number ups that went no where never shipped from ups and blamed me and said i stole it and go to my neighbors house to check and see if they got it but it never shipped the proof is in the tracking number, the item is still in stock online and no back order is present and has never been back ordered to date by the customer reps, they keep on giving me the run around said will ship again 2 days than...
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Anonymous With your incompetent writing, it is difficult to blame anyone but you for this problem.

I liked
  • Great price
3 MG Kit expected delivery 4/11/16 Medication was not delivered to my home c. Called 4/23/16, spoke with manager and she advised that Caremark was not responsible for lost shipments. She refused to send me another shipment without charging an additional $470. Caremark refused to provide me with a tracking number from UPS and refused to initiate a lost shipment request...not Caremark's policy. I contacted the credit card company and they...
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I didn't like
  • Unable to save this comment on line and proceed
  • I would like a refund of 470 dollars
Twice in the last couple of weeks I was supposed to have UPS deliveries to my (5th floor walk up) apartment. In both cases, I received notice giving a time frame, 11 to 3:30, and I was home during that period and longer. In neither case did the UPS deliverer ring the apartment bell and attempt to deliver the package to me. Instead, he/she took the package directly to the nearest access point. In the first case, I received a notice at that the...
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Anonymous Access points are just another way to squeeze more out of the almighty dollar. They believe that there should be zero "send agains" (any package that was attempted at least on...

I didn't like
  • I am upset behind me not receiving my package
  • Driver lies about delivery attempts
  • Problem happens repeatedly without correction