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UPS's service in the UK is appalling. I was told I should expect a delivery on a certain date any time until 7pm.

I took the day off work, waited in all day, and nothing happened. I called the next morning, and an unhelpful guy would only tell me that they could arrange another delivery day, which I said was unacceptable as I couldn't take another full day off work. The guy was unrelenting that it was my only option and repeatedly said I couldn't speak to anyone else. After 20 minutes of me asking he finally put me through to someone who assured me I would be called between 8 and 9am the next day to agree a more acceptable delivery plan.

No one called until 10:30, a call I missed as I was then at work. Without my agreement they delivered the package that day to my neighbour who has been abusive about taking deliveries for us so I would never have sanctioned this. I called UPS to complain again, and they gave me an email address which promised a reply within one business day. Nobody emailed me.

So I chased again, and eventually they replied to merely say that they were looking into what happened, and that they would get in touch. That was TEN DAYS AGO and I have emailed them every other day since to ask what is going on. Still nothing.

UPS's customer service abd treatment is truly and utterly appalling. NEVER USE THEM.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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