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I ordered goods from Wales (I live in the US). The store owner notified me when she shipped the goods, and provided a tracking number for a UK company that works with different shippers (including UPS). The tracking information indicated that UPS had the goods, but that on two different days – when the UPS driver was on route to my house – the package was subject to a delivery intercept because of multiple errors in the address label. The package was then redirected to the "correct" address, some 700 miles away.

I called UPS is a panic, and in the course of a day was told several different stories by seven different UPS employees. Initially, I was told to contact the UK shipping company to obtain a proper UPS tracking number. When I did that, the UK company told me that they were in contact with UPS, who would investigate. When I called UPS back, initially I was told that there was no problem since the package had been successfully delivered; then I was chastised for not waiting for the UK shipping company to get back to me (even though my first UPS contact had told me to call back); then that there was a disparity between what was really happening and their tracking records. In short, the government (I assume federal) had intercepted my package. After not hearing anything for twelve hours, I called UPS that evening to see when the government would release my package. At that time I was told that the feds did not have my package, that a "fraudulent hold" had been placed on it, and that it had been delivered to somewhere in Kansas. I still have no idea who placed the fraudulent hold – both Customs and the original shipper have been mentioned. In any case, UPS refuses to do anything – I was told to contact the shipper and get them to initiate an investigation. Until that time, UPS will hold my package hostage. I was also told that there was no record of the shipper's initial contact with UPS in the morning. I should further say that "shipper" was defined as (a) the person I paid; (b) the company who shipped the package. I've contacted each, but am not sanguine.

Obviously, receiving a number of different stories that vary considerably from the tracking records is upsetting. But what really disturbs me is UPS's passivity. Though they cannot specify who alerted them about supposed fraud or why, I am supposed to sort everything out with companies some 7000 miles away (including the UK arm of UPS, which actually moved the package to the US). I can prove who I am, and what I ordered. Obviously, I am very disappointed at UPS's ***-poor customer service, and will no longer use their services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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They did the same thing to me in Aug13. What really pissed me the most was that they wouldn't tell me or the shipper what the *** was going on.

Like you, I beleive that our wonderful US government is to blame. thank you Osama!


Sounds to me like the person who shipped the package *** it up. UPS can't deliver a package successfully if the shipper doesn't know how to process international shipments.

Believe it or not, it's not always the shipping company's fault.