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I recently purchased a set of Ceiling speakers on Ebay and the seller shipped them with UPS. On Dec 24th, 2007 I received a notice on my door that a UPS driver had been at my home and could not leave the package due to brokerage fees( you all know what those cost!).

Now being Dec 24th I realized that I may have to wait until between Christmas and New Years to get the package. I called UPS Dec 27th and was told the package was out for delivery on the 28th so I waited at home all delivery attempt was made. I called UPS on 29th and was told that my package was placed in a trailer on site and would not be available for delivery until the new they were busy with the Christmas rush...4 days after Christmas!!! Long story is now January 14th 2008 and I have just got off the phone with UPS customer service and am being told that my package is still in the trailer and is therefore unavailable for delivery or PICKUP as it does not have a location ID!

It is sitting in a trailer with a bunch of other packages whilst they are out delivering what? In total I have called UPS nine times regarding this matter and every time I get another story(lie) about the package being out for delivery and to just be patient with them. In the mean time I have bought items online on Boxing day and they were delivered to my house on January 8th by the Canada Post. I explained to the customer service rep that if they made packages available for customer pickup perhaps it would ease the burden of their "supposedly" over worked drivers.

Mind you from all the complaints about UPS and how they treat their people it is not wonder they are so far behind and so half *** backwards in their business practices...

I cannot understand why so many US sellers on Ebay want to use my opinion they suck at what they do and as another person said ...BROWN is the appropriate color for their company as they are full of S*it!!!

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