I've been told by several people at UPS that a package is being held Kentucky. It can't be picked up! We can't get to it. The package WILL go to the UPS facility in Massachusetts next week. That is the earliest it will be available.

Now, UPS has a huge facility in Kentucky, and a lot of packages get routed there. I fully accept that. Problems can happen in any business. OK. The package was shipped GROUND from NEW YORK to MASSACHUSETTS! UPS drove the package 700 miles in the wrong direction!

Alright, I've dealt with shipping mistakes over the years. I've gone to facilities for FedEx, DHL, and UPS before to pickup packages that weren't delivered on time. We deal with a lot of packages between Boston and New York, and feel more comfortable with ground shipping because at least a package won't end up on a flight around the world.

I think it's criminal for UPS to say:

"Yes, we made a mistake. We took your package 700 miles in the wrong direction. Yes, it's being tracked in our system, and we know where it is right now. We're sorry for the mistake. No, you can't fly down to Kentucky to pick it up yourself. You have to wait until we drive it up to Massachusetts in 5 days. Alternately, you can have the package intercepted and sent back to the shipper. That takes about as long. We're sorry for our mistake."

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