Richardson, Texas
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I have been a professional driver in different cities in different states. And these so-called "professional" drivers that UPS hires are nothing more than extremely dangerous, violent, and destructive drivers!

For one thing, I have NEVER seen a UPS truck being driven with its headlights ON. And that is day time, night time, rain, snow, sleet, fog, or any other kind of bad or dark time out on the roads.

I have NEVER seen any UPS driver use signals to turn or change lanes.

Just today (01/18/2010) watched a UPS driver drive straight through a left turn only lane, into the forward lane of the road, cutting off traffic in that lane! NO signals, NO headlights nothing! THEN this violent driver JERKED his UPS truck in front of a semi truck, hit his brakes and made a right turn!

This is what kind of lunatics UPS hires for drivers! I could be on here all day long listing all the violent, dangerous, and horrific things Ive seen UPS drivers do on the roads....and nobody cares!

Ive complained to UPS headquarters many times, with no results.

Ive complained to the local authorities, and they dont care.

Ive filed complaints with the state, with no results.

So, my question is...HOW MANY violent, dangerous UPS drivers does it take to run red lights, run stop signs, drive illegally on the roads, cut off other vehicles, and run people off the roads before someone DOES something about them?

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UMM....UPS has one of the safest driving records out there genius! There is a very long and rigorous qualification process for these drivers. UPS would not allow drivers on the road that puts the public at risk, they have a reputation to protect.

@billy bob morton

LOL that's hilarious, that's because they are the road bullies so they are safe but others are in danger. they are horrible, I think its on the resume, ..


Are you a Bully ? if yes, your hired!


So, when did they fire you? What you are is a total lunatic.