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I ordered an item from Urban Outfitters on 11-1. When it had not arrived by 11-8, I contacted the company.

They sent me the UPS tracking number, which showed my package was in North Carolina. When I told the UO rep about this, she told me that the item had been returned to UO as "rejected". This is a lie. I am gone from the house by 7:30 each morning and return around 6:00 pm - plus, I live alone.

There was no one here to reject a package. I live in a house - not an apartment, so I'm sure the *** didn't even make an attempt. I have a covered front porch - he could have easily left the item there. But he was too lazy to do his job.

This used to be a reputable company, but that is no longer the case.

Unfortunately, I'm sure UPS will continue to pay this creep - they need to get tough again and demand more from the losers they hire. There are too many people looking for work right now for a company to continue to employ the bottom feeders.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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The same problem we have with UPS after Sandy they keep lying and don't deliver the merchandise. I am sorry that I don't know where to report their abusive and unprofessional actions or non-actions.


sounds like UO requested a signature upon delivery, you shouldn't talk about the drivers like that, he was doing his job.


Ever consider the address was incorrect, you ***?

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