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For what is probably the 12th or 13th time in the span of 10 months, the UPS delivery driver that handled my package failed to walk the 50 feet from my front door to the rental office so the office manager could sign for my package. I also had a package from FedEx that day, and the FedEx driver had no problem going to the office to have the package signed for, but not UPS.

The last time this happened, which was about a month ago, the manager of the UPS office for my area rather dismissively told me that I should have signed the door notice and left it for the driver, which I never had to do for the other companies to have them leave it at the rental office. So you can imagine my surprise when I signed the notice they left yesterday, put it on my door in plain sight at eye level, and left for work, only to log on and find the driver had refused to leave it at my door or at the rental office for me to pick up tomorrow morning. Which reminds me, tomorrow makes the 3rd delivery attempt, and I would hate to have the driver fail to leave the package, and the package return to the online store I purchased it from.

Seriously, how much effort is it for the driver to take a 2 pound package 50 feet to the office manager and have her sign for it, when every other package delivery service does this by default. For whatever reason, UPS stands alone in hiring drivers that are inept, lazy, or both. I've done what they asked, and they still refuse to leave the package at the rental office. Not only that, every time this has happened previously and I've spoken to corporate, they tried to help, but there seemed to be a major disconnect between corporate and this local UPS office. So I've been forced to wait at the local office for over 2 hours on several occasions while the delivery driver was still on the road, and only then, wait for someone to ferret around the truck for however long it took to find my package, which could have all been avoided if the driver had just left the package at the rental office like every other delivery service does...

Monetary Loss: $20.

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