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UPS has the worse customer service ever! Every representatives that I speak to are very incompetent.

they don't know what they're doing and not very helpful at all! 5 out of 5 times UPS would mess up on my delivery. Seriously... how hard is it to keep track on someone's package and make sure it's being delivered out to that person?

instead they would misplace the package and one of their managers need to physically go to the warehouse and look for it. Don't they have a system/ procedure to make sure this doesn't happen?

I'm surprised UPS is still open for business. i would think most customers would go to their competitors because i would be from now on!

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I had 2 identical shipments sent out - one thru Canada post and one thru UPS the only difference was about 20 miles from major city of original shipment - UPS was, so far, 3 days later because of what they called "adverse weather conditions" it is soon to be 4 days...WTF?

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