UPS delivers into my apartment, but I forgot the apartment number, so instead it leaves and requests the apartment number from the sender.

1. UPS did not call me to ask for my apartment number, since I did include my phone number.

2. UPS driver was too dumb to check the maintenance office for information regarding receiver, since my name was supplied. Maybe UPS was thinking of holding on to the package to ensure it gets to the receiver, but at least they should have checked with the office! I asked and the office said nothing came up about my package...

3. $10 shipping fee for a 12 day shipping time...total nonsense.

Bottom line, UPS should throughly scrutinize whilst hiring to avoid hiring dumbasses who cannot seem to get the job done correctly, and the shippping

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i live in an apartment building to and yesterday at the exact time the tracking information said it arrived and failed someone tried to buzz in and simply said "i think i have the wrong address" i mean wth and on their second attempt they didnt even buzz in they just said failed attempt and left it at that.


You had an incomplete address, that is entirely your fault. So you expect the UPS driver to use his personal cell phone (one is not issued by the company) To try and track you down?

You are not the only delivery of the day, if you address is incomplete they have neither the time nor resources to track you down.

The only dumb-*** in this scenario is the guy who doesn't know his address.


Our UPS driver is lazy and ***. I live in an apartment building with a security entrance.

People who want to enter have to find a name (not apt. #) and enter a 3 digit code. It rings your landline or cellphone and you buzz them to let them in. That way, if there is no apt.# on the package, the driver can still contact you and you tell them what apt.

# to go to. This system solves a couple of problems. Deaf people are alerted to deliveries or visitors by a light and it's not necessary for them to hear someone at the door. Tenants can screen visitors.

Many people will not even answer their door unless they are expecting someone. Our UPS driver may have 8 packages for 8 different apartments but he only buzzes 1 to gain entrance and then goes around knocking on the doors of deaf people and people who won't answer there door unless they've invited someone. We have the security entrance for that purpose. Also by ringing the phone we can be anywhere in the building and not miss the delivery.

The drivers should be buzzing each apartment individually. Period. It's not that hard. He doesn't have to go back to entrance after each delivery.

Buzz each one when he get's there and let people know he has arrived. I have missed 2 deliveries this wee because the driver did not buzz me.The thing that really sucks is, there's no way to call and speak to someone at UPS about this. You cannot get a live person. Just prompts and no way to leave a message.

I may be in the laundry room, the lobby, the office or someone elses apartment. Buzz me you jerks.


So here's the thing, drivers have 200 stops to make in a day, and a handful (or more) of those stops are morons like you...do you think they have time to run down every possibility and talk to every person that doesn't know how to address a package? Of course not, idiots like you slow down the process.


Here we go again!!! OP blaiming the shipper when its their own *** fault.

You were asked a minimum of THREE times to verify your shipping address BEFORE you submitted your order!!!

Were you drinking or sniffing something when you ordered? YOU made the mistake so stop winning, get a life and PAY ATTENTION...bet you text while driving as well!!!

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