UPS does not deliver packages.What they do deliver is little sticky notes saying they 'tried' to deliver your package, without bothering to ring a doorbell.

Yesterday, as I was getting off the subway, I saw the UPS truck on my block. When I got to my front door, there was no sticky note, so I figured my package was not going to arrive that day. This morning, at 7am, I saw the sticky note on my door, which means they "attempted to deliver" my package when I was already home, they just didn't ring the bell. The sticky note also had all the redelivery times crossed out, as if they were never coming back.

I, as well as everyone else in my building, have resorted to leaving notes to UPS pleading to ring our doorbells. This is the service I'm paying for?

To have to schlep out to a sketchy part of Queens on my weekend to pick up packages I paid to get delivered to my doorstep.Sounds like I'm doing all the work.

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In New York apartments with lobbies, doormen and elevators tend to be more expensive so if you live in a third floor walk up without a lobby you don't get your packages.They purposely come when they know you won't be home just so they don't have to carry packages up the stairs.

Since the lower class tends to live in these buildings it is discrimination. You can pay for them to bring your packages during a two hour window but why should I have to pay extra for that? I've already payed for shipping. And the My UPS is a joke.

You pay $40 a year so you can do what? Redirect for free. And you still have to pay $5 per package if you want to narrow the delivery window? If you choose to have it delivered to a UPS store, you can't change your mind - even though you can for any other delivery.

And customer service is a joke. All they will tell you is that they cannot confirm delivery times. I was told I could tell them to leave it by the front door. I live in an apartment building in New York.

My front door is the street. WhenI asked to talk to a supervisor I was told they were all busy. They offered to tell the local delivery center that the package hadn't arrived on time. What a joke.

And the worst part is that you can't choose how you will get your packages delivered from online stores. If you are lucky they come regular mail or you can pay extra for next day or second day shipping.

I would love for some one to start a more...

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