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Recently I had the worst encounter with the UPS package hold up service. I had called up UPS customer service and asked them to hold a package at 76 Arlington Street, Watertown, MA.

They confirmed the hold and I also cross checked on the UPS website which said that the package was at the mentioned location. When I went at 8 am the next day, the person named Tony looked for it and didn't find it. First of all Tony looked extremely disinterested in helping anyone out, on top of that he was very nonchalant about not finding the package after making me wait for 45 minutes. However, he said he will call me and let me know if UPS still had the package.

He did call me in 2 hrs conforming that the package was in the store and that I can pick it up anytime I want. With all the hopes this time, I go back to the store at 8 am the next day, and after an hr, Tony doesn't find the package again. When I showed my disappointment he became rude and said that maybe I should come again the next day. He then denied that all he said on the phone was that he found the package but he didn't promise that it would be there in the store.

This got me really angry because it is his duty to tell me where my package was. I can not dream the location. Finally when I showed him my disappointment, he sent me to the warehouse where I finally got the package. This entire process costed me 2 hours which was not needed if Tony had told me earlier the location of the package.Instead he found it better to make me wait for an hr and then only reveal the magic location.

In the meantime he was extremely rude, slow and had a don't-care expression.

Almost 90% of the other customers in the store were also not able to get their package and everybody was made to run to the warehouse. I do not find a need for a customer center if eventually every one has to run to the warehouse to get their package.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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