Wood Ridge, New Jersey

I order medical supplies to be delivered while I was on vacation because I forgot one thing at home. THe medical supply company did not provide them with the apt number of my complex.

There are 3 apts in the complex I am at AND the driver ws given my number and told this was medical supplies and urgent. THe driver came did not have an apt number and left. He did notmake any attempt to call or even knock on a door to see, THERES 3 DOORS, not like there was alot. I called and sp;oke to a supervisor and he said the driver only makes one attempt and is not able to call or "guess" on what door it is.

The guy was an absolute *** as was the first girl I dealt with. Even when I told them it was medical supplies and I needed them today they did not seem to care. And the supervisor said to me well I can mail you a postcard and you can update the apt number so we can get it to you.

Uh....how the eff do u think the postcard is going to get here without the apt number, is the usps guy going to call me you ***? I wil lnever use UPS again they are awful and dont give a ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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