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so i ordered two decorative pillows on amazon since like november 27th. the item was shipped since novermber 27th.

the last scan UPS did was on november 28th saying "departure scan"..that was in Calafornia. there was no update on the package until december 5th at 6:05 pm saying "late trailer". before that update.. the site stated that my package was on time for delivery which was scheduled for November 5, 2013.

Now when i call UPS for the 4th time, which is dec, 6th. one customer service rep told me that they didnt have a truck to delivery my package from their facility in Laurel, MD to their DC facility. Then she put me on hold to check "something". then came back and said my pakage is sitting in a "trailer" in Laurel, MD.

and i'm not gonna get my package until next week. i asked her if i cant change my delivery address to an address in MD and she said no, it has to go to dc... so me and her got into a debate of why i cant change the address since theyre not doing what they supposed to do.

this is beyond ridiculous, she had the nerve to say UPS dont ship on certain days, (i cant remember the days she stated). UPS should be hiring more people and or more trucks to ensure ON TIME DELIVERY..its near christmas for godsake...now just my luck, i ordered a fish tank stand from petco and they use UPS to ship their stuff...FML...

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Wow, a google search and this is what I turn up. My package is ALSO in laurel MD, coming from CA!! It was suppose to be delivered today however 12/6/13(ordered 11/28/13), and up until about 9pm tonight, said it was on schedule. I find this funny since in the tracking info it says posted at 10:00am. Defiantly not!, I checked at about 6PM when I got home from work because it hadn't arrived yet, it still said "on schedule". Anyways, my tracking also now says "exception" and the most recent update says late trailer. This sucks I have about 100 bucks of computer parts coming and today was my day off for the week to take apart my computer. I didn't pay for shipping so I its not like anybody is gonna do anything for me. I just wonder what actually happened to this truck/shipment in general. Did the driver crash? Break down?, if so, why didn't another truck come pick up the trailer. I worry about my items being damaged.

This is what my tracking says:

Laurel, MD 12/05/2013 10:00 A.M. Late trailer

Cerritos, CA 12/01/2013 6:22 P.M. Departure Scan

12/01/2013 5:27 P.M. Origin Scan

12/02/2013 11:26 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

(removed "united states" and lined up for better viewing in a txt doc)

I mean really, order "ready for ups" the day after its departure scan... Disappointed in UPS, I've gotten a couple packages from them recently and they don't even ring the door bell. I have a decent size front porch, blocked from view of the road by large bushes. Where does he leave my packages, in front of my steps basically in my yard, thanks guy...

I could keep going but I'm going to stop there but I find this interesting and if either of you get any info, please post it.


At least you got the notice of the disruption. Other than November 28 when it was scanned as departure there was no status update until yesterday and that was to tell me it's in a trailer in laurel.


My package was also sitting on a trailer in Laurel MD but now it say delivered although I never received it let me know if you receive yours

Roswell, GA, United States 12/05/2013 6:45 P.M. Delivered

12/05/2013 5:18 A.M. Out For Delivery

12/05/2013 3:20 A.M. Arrival Scan

Atlanta, GA, United States 12/05/2013 2:36 A.M. Departure Scan

Atlanta, GA, United States 12/04/2013 6:41 P.M. Arrival Scan

Fishersville, VA, United States 12/04/2013 9:11 A.M. Departure Scan

12/04/2013 7:50 A.M. Arrival Scan

Laurel, MD, United States 12/04/2013 4:19 A.M. Departure Scan

Laurel, MD, United States 12/03/2013 1:30 A.M. Due to local operation disruption, packages not unloaded from trailer, expect a one day business day delay