For the second time in five months, UPS has failed me. As a former 29 year UPSer, it saddens my heart to see where the Company is going.

Last week I spent $29+ to get an immportant document to my son in San Diego. He needed it for a new job. He waited until 1035am for a gauranteed 1030am delivery.

His roomates heard a knock on the apartment door at 1045am. The driver had left sensitive documents at the front door of an apartment! What makes matters worse is that the driver presheeted the package at 1030am to ensure he stayed out of trouble and that I would not get my service failure claim back.

UPS has lost my confidence in both their service and, more importantly, integrity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I don't care if it's 1 minute late UPS Gauranteed it's service if it's not there on time they should pay.


Jeez 15 minutes late and you're writing complaints online? lol.

And if you don't want the driver to leave it without a signature, then send it with a signature requirement.

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