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UPS has just given themselves another yearly 5.9% rate increase plus a new divisor for large packages. This is a first for them and FedEx. This is going to cause many business to go under. Consumers will not purchase items that need to be shipped.

UPS is as greedy as they come and FEDEX did the same thing. UPS is doing more to cripple my business than the already horrible economy. Yes, I get

discounts for shipping with UPS, but, their new divisor for dimentional weight is unbelievable. Year after year they keep raising their rates by

5.9% on the first monday of every January. I hate UPS

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rent is too damm high!!


I would bet you work for UPS (not a driver)and your job is to just slough off any criticisms with saying *** things like:

"My rent is going up" No, UPS doesn't surprise me with a yearly 5.9% increase, it's no surprise, you know is coming on the first monday of every January and it's been happening for all the years past. It's no surprise.


There's just going to be a breaking point for businesses and consumers. Wouldn't you love a 5.9% salary increase each 1st Monday in January of each new year?


My rent is going up this year too. Prices of products and services generally go up over time. This surprises you?

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