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UPS left message on our door that they could not deliver a package since it required a signature. We called within 15 minutes to find out how we could retrieve the package.

The voice prompts on the automated phone system somehow misinterpreted one of our answers and told us "package will be returned to sender". There was no way to correct the prompt in the phone system. So, we spent the next 45 minutes on the phone with a local UPS office and with the International Office of UPS telling them that we did not want this package returned to sender (which is in China). We were promised they would look into it and call us back.

An hour later, we received a phone call from UPS assuring us that they would redeliver the package to our house. However, when the package did not arrive, we called UPS again, and were told that there was no way to intercept the package and that it was on a truck from Michigan to North Carolina. When we then asked to intercept the package in North Carolina, we were told that UPS has a system in place that prevents them from interfering with the return shipment to China. So, despite all our efforts to prevent UPS from returning this package from the US all the way to China, they are merrily shipping it back to China.

There are two things horribly wrong with UPS: first, they have an automated phone system that mispinterprets prompts and does not offer ANY way to correct prompts.

Secondly, they have a logistic system that is so automated that no common-sense human being can interfere with its computerized process, even if the outcome is utterly ***. A company that has such poor systems will not survive long in the marketplace, unless it changes its ways.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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