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What happened? Delivery was much better years ago.

On 2 day that I worked from home, UPS simply dropped the box on my front porch. No doorbell was rung, no knock on the door, just drop and go. Now, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt that I am rarely home, but my car was in the driveway, clear as day. Last night, there's a big box on my front porch, which I dragged into the house.

Just as I'm about to tear it open, I look at the shipping label and it's not even mine; it belonged to someone on the next block! In front of my porch, I have a beautiful address sign, engraved with the number and street name. God forbid they even look at it.

The majority of packages I have delivered to work, which this last few weeks, it's been a rare occurence to see a box that hasn't been mangled, and I get a lot of packages (mostly from Amazon). And there's no place on the UPS website to complain, I call and the options just keep looping me all over the place.

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Norwich, England, United Kingdom #578751

i work for ups in britain.reading these comments are only a few.we have one driver at moment,who works hard for them.despite having a heart condition.they only care about looking good.He has a disciplinary hearing next week for having a heart attack at work.he was off for two days and then came back to help out.they dont care atall despite all the *** they come out withj

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #578356

You will be glad to know that UPS provides professional delivery because they are a union shop. Well, that's what they tell you.

The opposite is true, however.

Best to try and use FedEx whenever possible. They are non union and try much harder to provide good delivery and customer service.

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