I was expecting a package to be delievered by UPS within 2 days. It never came, never came, never came.

UPS says they delievered it, to my front porch at the stated address, and someone else must have picked it up. Three weeks later a Realtor shows up at my door with the package. He said it had been sitting at a vancant house for sale across town. When he saw the name and address he brought it to us.

He went above and beyond the call of duty. Plus he could read!!!

And he cared about doing the right thing. More than I can say for UPS!!!

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Two shipments from Penneys, 3 weeks apart, shipper gave my physical address and my PO address. UPS returned both shipments to Penneys and gave the reason as "recipient refused package and said did not want it".

I was never called.

The last place UPS had the package was 60 miles north of me in another state. From now on I'll request FedEx and pay extra for it.



I order a lot of things that get shipped by ups and 99 percent of the time they do a great job, but there have been a few times they left my package at the vacant house next door, lucky I was watching and knew it was my package...I think they are pushed to try and do a so many deliveres, they sometimes, just make an honest mistake, but it sure can be a problem if you don't get your item,,,ups I love you, but slow up just a bit, if your boss is over loading you, get together with your co workers and talk to your boss about it, you will be doing your company and their customers a service.


In the defense of UPS. There are plenty of reason this could have happened.

I will say it could have also been the fault of the driver. I work at UPS and know for a fact that most miss delivered pkgs are the fault of the shipper. Little things like them putting Jones St instead of Jones Ave throw everything off.

The drive has no control over that & it has nothing to due with him not being able to read. Im not saying the are perfect but alot of the errors are shippers and computers, not the drivers!

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