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If you complaint to UPS they put you on a do not deliver list and you will never receive another package unless you are standing in the door when they arrive. They will not tell you how to get off the list, and usually will not even tell you you are on the list.

But if you pay extra money, they will deliver to their UPS stores. This is to generate extra income for packages they already collected delivery charges from the shipper.

It is an obvious scam to make more money. Never use UPS, try the post office or FedEx to get good deliveries.

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100% TRUE


This is an actual copy of a UPS response to being added to the list when a driver does not do his JOB:

XXXXX It was a pleasure meeting you. Unfortunately, I was informed there is not a way to remove your address from the “ do not release”.

Here are your options:

1. Advise anyone you order from to select “shipper release”. This will authorize UPS to leave the package; however, if any package is missing, damaged, etc, you will not be able to file any claims as you have authorized UPS to leave the package.


Sign up for UPS My Choice. This will allow you to proactively see when any package will be delivered to you and will provide a 2-4 hour time frame of delivery (free service). You can also then select for the package to be left. Once again if you select for us to leave the package, you cannot file any claims.

This releases UPS from any liability. www.ups.com/mychoice

3. Local center phone number 972-456-4751. You can try to call the day the package is set to deliver and see if they can assist.

They will need the tracking number.

I hope this helps! Please keep in mind since you have had an issue with a stolen package, if you authorize UPS to leave the package you cannot file a claim.


Yes they have a list...if there is a problem with delivering to your address...numerous "my package was never delivered" then clearly there is a problem with your area so for the safety of your future packages and claims of reimbursement you can pick up the package at the facility.

If you pick it up at the main location its free, if you choose to have it delivered to a ups store then you have to pay the ups store a fee.


I wish I could get on that list. I manage a business and I've submitted several complaints about a driver sexually harassing my female employees.

Each time the driver is suspended for a week or so, then is allowed to continue delivering. The most recent incident involves him telling my employee she looks cute and winking at her. Before I took over the office, an employee had resigned due to this ***. After numerous calls and complaints to the corporate office, nothing has been resolved.

At this point I would love to be placed on this list. I've already cut some business relationships due to them only using UPS, but some packages manage to slip through.


This is absolutely true, UPS does have a "do not deliver" list. After complaining several times to my local UPS office and also to the corporate headquarters for never receiving my packages, I was actually told by one of the employees at the local UPS office that my address was on the "do not deliver" list due to numerous complaints.

I have actually seen the UPS driver driver right past my house without even stopping when I was expecting a package and when I checked the tracking number online it said "attempted delivery". the driver never stopped! This happens all the time. This is why I will never use UPS ever again and I do not buy anything online if the company ships with UPS.

Use fedex or USPS, they are both reliable and you will actually receive your packages. If the UPS driver skips your house and you make a complaint you WILL be placed on their "do not deliver" list and you will always have to go pick up your package in person and deal with rude ignorant people.


Its true! And they do suck!

And I try very hard not to use UPS because their entire staff is rude and cowardly. In person the manager is always "out of the office" and over the phone they have told me "I have better things to do with my time than to notify you that there is a package here for you". Oh yeah and Im on the "do not deliver list" ...isnt UPS suppose to deliver packages? Oh yeah and dont I pay that fee when I order something?

UPS is a joke!

They can learn a lot from FedEx!!


sounds like a rumor/myth. where did you find out about this information?


Not a rumor/myth. I am on the list since the driver did not stop to deliver a $700.00 package and UPS confirmed he was on my street by the GPS Tracker on the truck.

I literally watched them drive by that day, no package delivered, now I am forever penalized.