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I have a commercial account with UPS. I have had it for 25 years! Over the years the service has gotten worse and worse. I would rate it down there with USPS or lower.

Business has been bad because of the economy for more then 3 years now and customer satisfaction has always been important especially now days to hold on to what you have left.

My shipping has dropped by about 80% in 10 years to about 3 packages a week. Because my shipping amount has dropped my weekly pick-up rate has gone from $10 to $20 per week! Does that make sense? They drive by here whether or not they pick up.

Now days they have damaged at least 10 % of my shipments. To add to that because of the contents which are very thin pieces of plastic, about the thickness of your hair, they don't bother picking them up, they just throw them away!

To add to that with the last package they destroyed and threw away it took them 2 weeks to notify me that they threw it away. Doesn't that just make me look wonderful to my customer when their order is that late and then it takes additional time to remake the order. How is a lost customer and the revenue from that customer replaced?

In conclusion, is the UPS company a reliable and responsible company? I think NOT!

UPS............this will be the demise of you!

Ted Disberry

AA Accuracy Die Co.

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Guess Timmy the driver didn't get the gist of the message- hahaha! Typical ups dance


I am a driver and I am not sure what the exact charges are for having a pickup account. I do know they have recently informed us about more pickup options.

What you are paying for is a scheduled daily pickup. You might be interested in having a pickup once or twice a week which my be cheaper.

Like I said not sure about the charges, but it is an option added as of this year. You should talk to your driver about it, he can send your information through the board to a sales specialist, who can contact you about available options.

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