While driving in San Rafael, Ca. a UPS driver cut me off and entered my lane, I had to break in order not to hit his truck.

When he saw I was writing his vehicle # down, he changed lanes and swirved around traffic to try and get away. I followed him onto the freeway and confrmed I had the correct number of his vehicle. I've looked everywhere online to try to attempt to report him, no doubt he probably has numerous complaints.

I have a feeling that that is the way they drive, to get packages delivered. They know people in nice cars won't hit or let them hit us -

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Laura, that's too weird.

I'm in Lawrenceville and am searching for some way to complain about idiotic UPS driver behavior. There is no way it would seem.


I'm not using your service any more. You have no system for driver accountability, and for a company that is based on road delivery, this is inexcusable.


I just witnessed a UPS driver double parked all vehicles in front of my apartment and when a lady honked a couple of times to get some attention, while being blocked completely, he came out from some where and signaled a big "what the *** you want" with both hands and went back to where he came from.

The poor lady waited for 10-15 minutes...

Very Rude Drivers...

(True Story : Temple, the vehicle had a usdot021800 number close to the doors... )


I just experienced a similar incident but this driver had no shame or remorse! On 5/26/09 at approximately 6:15 PM, I encountered a UPS driver (Truck #135564) behind a shopping center at Hwy 20 and Old Peachtree Rd in Lawrenceville, GA.

The driver behaved recklessly and in an immature and unprofessional manner. When I honked my horn to let her know I was there, she honked back and "blamed the victim" for her carelessness.

When recording the vehicle number, she jeered and mocked me. This driver should be reprimanded and trained to represent UPS as a professional.

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