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I live in an apartment building. Apparently, someone had a package delivered to my apt number, but with her name on it. She lives downstairs in another apt. But I never saw or got the package, probably because the UPS guy knows who I am and no one lives at my place with that name. In fact, on further investigation, I was told it wasn't even my apartment number. I have an eight in my number and the package had a capital letter B.

I already had this woman at my door asking if I got a package with her name on it. I told her no. So today, she sent a UPS guy up here to ask again and to get me to sign a paper that states I never got her missing package.

I am pissed. I feel like I'm being harassed over something I never got, never saw. The UPS guy said, "It says on this paper that you got this box." Really? They don't have my signature for having accepted anything because I never did. If it was left in front of my door in a busy apartment building hallway and someone took it, that is not my problem. It is entirely possible that this happened. I always stay home when I'm getting a package or I leave a note on my door to never leave any deliveries if I'm not home. I don't like UPS accusing me of something when this is not my problem, not my responsibility, and I never got this woman's box. I don't even know her. I even offered to let the UPS guy look around my apartment, but he declined to do that. What more do they want? Seriously, leave me be. It's not my screw up. And I hope it doesn't affect my getting deliveries in the future. This had nothing to do with me.

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Comer, Georgia, United States #131174

Same thing is happening to me. They left the package outside of the locked door and are now calling saying it was delivered.

Who says its delivered? The lady on the phone 1000 miles away? Why? Because a computer told her so?

Bottom-line is I/WE/YOU did not get the package and therefore will not be held accountable. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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