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I shipped to home theater speakers to a buyer each in their own manufacturer original shipping box. One arrived in perfect condition the other did not.

There was not a puncture to the box but the damage to the speaker enclosure and one of the sub woofers indicated a serious shock to the package, so much so that the woofer was out of it's gap and frozen, plus the feet were destroyed and the rear right corner of the speaker cabinet displayed crush damage. Upon inspection of the UPS tracking report the words "Transportation Accident" appear under both of the tracking numbers. The damaged item was shipped to UPS' independent evaluator and the report came back that the packaging was insufficient.

UPS then shipped the damaged item back to me in the same box. Therefore they have denied the claim and i have to replace the entire speaker at my cost to the buyer and ship it UPS to him again.

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"ups employee"

Although the drivers physical condition and health far exceeds the material pay load, the accident and damage involved does fall onto the company. If someones package is damaged as a result of the driver who is delivering the package (or someone else in which case that is between UPS and that person), then compensation should be in place.


uh duh, that's why you get the insurance on expensive items. whenever i ship something i double or triple wrap everything.

how are you going to blame them for an accident when your first thought should be, i hope the driver's okay instead of "oh, my speaker". better packaging would've prevented that from happening.


This is typical of UPS. The "Insufficent Papagaing" denial is standard practice.

NEVER EVER use UPS. They simply dont care about repeat business.

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