I was in my room all the time.... but the ****ing UPS guy didn't even ring the bell and posted that the 1st attempt was made, customer wasn't available.

For the 1st time, I thought I missed it. But the same thing happened 2nd time too. And what more, they didn't even leave a notice on the door on 1st and 2nd attempt. I am guessing they didn't come at all.

On the third time, I put a big notice on my door asking the UPS guy to ring the bell. And guess what, that ***hole didn't ring the bell at all. Instead, the ***hole sticked the UPS notice just beside my notice, saying final attempt was made. What the f*** was that?

Are the UPS guys f**** blind?? A company full of ***holes!!!!

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why would you wanna buy kobe's beef? oh, you're in the south, 'boy you got some mighty perty lips...suee-e-e--'

cue banjo music...


ups unparalled poor service....cant seem to find my house except when it is something the driver must not want....when it is kobe beef they say attempted delivery...funny i was homewhen they said driver attempt...2 different shipments 5 attempts a den of thieves?????????????


very mature post.

you may want to grow up a bit before trying advanced adult hobbies like ordering online.

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