WOW, UPS said they made three attempts at my Costa Mesa, CA location!When the second attempt was made, they left a UPS InfoNotice.

I then signed and left it on my front door. When the third and final attempt was made, I came home and there was now two UPS InfoNotices on my door (one signed)? Maybe the driver did not see it, or was having a bad day? This has happened before and would not suggest dealing with UPS Ground Shipping Services.

I have used FedEx, and the service and locations are more convenient.Thanks for listening, concerned consumer.


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they hate residential delivery? then why do they operate distribution centers for companies like zappos that deal strictly with consumers, ie 90% residential?


Been there, Done that.UPS does not care about home deliveries ONLY Business deliveries.

They treat home deliveries as a nuisance and many times have messed up a delivery to me where I've had to drive 90 miles round trip to get my item from them. I refuse to deal with any company that will only ship UPS. For me it has to be Postal Service, FedEx or DHL.

As the ad asks---What can brown do for me ?They can crawl up their butts and die.

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