UPS manager(by the way if you ask to speak to one, be prepared for a lonnnng hold) says that if they have the wrong address, they will just sit on a package until AFTER 5 business days of that realization and then return to sender. Why not let Eyemasters know the package was undeliverable?

Not even the right city. Not their problem apparently. I can't authorize returning the package sooner either. Plus, I have to be the one to call Eyemasters and then have Eyemasters contact UPS.

I don't work for UPS!!! Terrible customer service by UPS.

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Someone tell me the truth: does UPS contract out the ground shipments? I was told by their staff "We need to identify the contract shipper and find out what happened".

I believe this is why such damages occur and why boxes are opened and items stolen.

My neighbor had heirlooms stolen from her UPS shipments. NO RECOURSE.


Well you are both right..a little.. :)...and in reality..UPS does not really loose money when they send a pkg back due to a bad address...they do charge the shipper a return to shipper fee.

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The UPS manager got it partly right, but not sure if you talked to a real management employee or not as they should all know how the system operates.

When UPS has a package that cannot be delivered due to a bad or incorrect address, they do hold the package for five (5) business days. A lot of things happen during that period to try to find the correct address.

UPS employs a number of clerks whose job is to deal with the issues that come up with packages such as these. They will send a post card to the address on the label through the US mail system. The outcome that they are looking for is, let’s say someone has moved, the USPS routinely forwards mail to the customers new address. The post card contains the package tracking number and the number to the local office to call with information. They will also contact the shipper to ask them to help locate the correct address. They also use several methods of skip tracing to find the customer. These clerks can spend several hours during that five (5) day period trying to locate the customer. The package just does not go to the local UPS office and sit. After the five (5) day period, if no resolution has been found, the package is returned to the shipper. This is a contractual agreement made when the shipper signs up with UPS.

You would be amazed at how many packages enter into the UPS system with bad addresses on them. UPS is not at fault as they do not enter any of the shipping information, the shipper does it. Overall, UPS does a good job of locating people who have moved or the package has an incomplete address on it. Think about this, UPS does not want to ship the package back to the shipper as they lose money on it. They are only paid to deliver the package, not to return it. In fact, due to handling costs and such, they are losing money when they have to return a package.

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