When my package arrived (later than they said it was delivered), the box was completely destroyed. The thing I ordered was sticking out of the package, and was quite literally only hanging in by the weak tape used to seal the box.

I can understand an accident where there is a tear in the box, but what I got was a crushed pile of cardboard that was ripped to shreds. Even better, the shipping identification was placed over the "Fragile" sticker. I hate when companies use UPS to ship.

USPS or FedEx are more reliable in my experience. They are also cheaper and faster, go figure.

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It sounds like you had an incompetent shipper. The UPS label isn't applied by UPS, it is almost always applied by the shipper.

Also a crushed boc indicated improper packaging.


if a box is crushable, then it isn't packed right. boxes get stacked, and if you leave empty space in a box, it can get crushed.

fill the empty space with packaging peanuts = no crushed box, simple as that. and fragile stickers don't do anything, as most conveyor belts and swing arms can't read lol

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