Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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I have a 1969 Cutlass convertible and needed to replace the driver's side door because of some rust. I found a good looking door in Dallas. Pictures over the web showed it to be in great shape. I bought it and paid $130 for UPS to ship it to Gainesville Florida. Big mistake.

I found the shipment at my front door several days later, boxed in heavy cardboard and wrapped with one inch styrofoam. When I got the thing unwrapped, I found it had been transported on end, and had been dropped multiple times. Both the flanges that face towards the front of the car and the back of the car, were crimped and bent. This could only be done by sliding it off the back of a truck and dropping it several feet to the ground. The flanges cut through the foam like a knife, and got mangled.

It will probably cost an additional hundred dollars to have it repaired, and I have no faith that a damage claim would do any good. I bought a 41 year old car door, not a new in the box widget that was stomped on. Any claims adjuster would insinuate the damage was already there when I bought it, even though the pictures show otherwise.

I'll never again use UPS. They must hire drivers with room temperature I.Q.s. This package was willfully abused not once, but numerous times in its travel from Dallas to Florida. It angers me, of course. But it also saddens me, because these people have no sense of self. There is no evidence of professionalism. Shove it out the back of the truck, and run.

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Blame...the shipper obviously didn't pack your item well enough. I've shipped hundreds of pieces of framed art and never had any damage via UPS.

UPS (and all carriers frankly) require a package have enough packaging material to avoid the types of damage that you claim. That would require 2" MINIMUM packing on ALL sides of the item and all packages must be able to withstand a drop from up to four feet. A large portion of the shipping process is automated, machines, conveyors etc that is why directional arrows and fragile stickers are irrelevant.

Have your shipper file a claim and when they send the next door ask them to package it PROPERLY.

Good day.

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