I purchased a computer from HSN and I was not satisfied with my purchase and decided to return it. I had a month to return the computer and I decided to use UPS.

With their commercials and popularity, I figured my package would be safe in their hands. I was wrong! I called HSN about three weeks later and they told me that they had not received the package and to give it a couple more days because the tracking number said that it reached the California UPS. About a week later I called and HSN told me to go to the store that I sent it out of to figure out what went wrong.

When I payed for the shipping, I also payed for the 600 dollar insurance, so I have a leg to stand on in this argument. They said that they had to run a check on it and that it would take about 8 days. Well, a week and a half went by and then they BS me saying that they cannot do anything without the receipt for the computer. It doesn't matter if I insure a box of peanuts for a million dollars, I payed for the insurance, so this part let me know that there was going to be a problem.

Plus, how could I give the receipt when I sent it in the box with the computer. I did the next best thing and gave them a print out of the computer and the price and they said it'll work. NOW, another two weeks later, when IM suppose to pick up my check and pay off my card they tell me they cant do anything without the receipt. Million of packages plus the extra money payed for insurance and they cant come up with 600 dollars.

IM in college, IM broke as heck and they pull this stuff. If you are a business looking for an honest company to keep clients happy, I would try Fed Ex. I could not see a company doing well telling their clients that it'll be two months before they receive their money. Another thing, if they put a package for California it has to be marked for transport so how could it not seem odd to them that it was never checked off on arrival.

In my opinion, I think this is poor survace. IM sure millions of people are satisfied with their outcome but IM not.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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