My mortgage company shipped our documents via UPS. The UPS driver, noting that we were not home, gave them to our neighbors, in a large, urban apartment complex.

On the note, the driver wrote: Mortgage Papers. Included in this were the account numbers for 2 bank accounts, one credit card and both of our social security numbers. We do not know our neighbors. We have never met them.

When we called UPS to complain, they didn't even apologize, they blamed us for not being home to receive the package.

Don't ship anything important or confidential with UPS. We are hoping not to have our bank accounts cleared out and our identities stolen.

Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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"Best customer service"

You're out of your mind. Unless, a customer specifically relates to UPS that their neighbor is an acceptable proxy, it is totally unacceptable.

Also you basically defeat your own argument with the second half of your comment by explaining the possibility of them denying knowledge of even receiving the package and maliciously exploiting the content. How would a driver have any idea what so ever what someones relationship with their neighbor is?

I understand the work load that must come with handling a world of mail, but this is nothing short of giving personal property to a random person.


:( UPS let my neighbor sign for my brand new DSLR camera that I had had shipped to me. I sat at home for 6 hours waiting for the package, and then had to leave. I concluded that since UPS usually makes 3 attempts and I would be home tomorrow to sign for it, it was okay to leave.

Well, UPS delivered to my neighbor down the street in inner city Baltimore and my neighbors and their drunk, *** friends, tore into my package and messed around with my brand new camera.

It is not "looking at it the wrong way" to assume that a package addressed TO ME would only be delivered to MY address, particularly when a signature was required. These days, I think it is unreasonable to assume that people know their neighbors and to deliver packages to them. Yes, my neighbors broke the law, but ultimately this is the fault of UPS for delivering MY property to somebody 5 houses down the street.


Well, did your neighbors open the package? No. You don't have anything to worry about, and I hope you thanked them for accepting it for you.


The company went above and beyond in this situation. You are looking at it the wrong way.

You would not have received your delivery at all had the neighbors not taken it. If you are not acquainted with your neighbors, then it was them that lied to the company in saying that they were on good terms with you. UPS would not leave your package unless they felt the receiver was on good terms with you. If the papers were so important, you should have stayed at home and tracked it and been there to sign in person.

Your strong very opinion about the confidentiality of your papers is contradictory to the lack of action you took to make sure you got these important papers. That driver does not want to have to make an extra stop to follow up on a lost parcel claim. Also, keep in mind had the neighbors opened your package, that would have been theft!

They would be at fault, not UPS. If they had wanted to look into your personal belongings I'm sure they would have been smart enough to do everything they can in making sure you never found out that package was delivered to them.

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