Cary, North Carolina

I ordered from an online store who delivered through UPS. My package finally came today, while I was at work.

On the tracking information it said that my package was left at the door and signed by a REL 201. Needless to say my package was not at my door, I live in an apartment. When I contacted UPS they basically said there was nothing they could do for me, that because of the basic shipping they are allowed to leave packages in public spaces....really?!

They also said there was nothing they could do and that I would have to contact the company I ordered from. Do not use UPS, they will only *** over in the end.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Rocky From Philly-

He'd probably put it into reverse before having a meltdown lol. This site attracts really smart people.


Problems with your UPS guy?

Just park your car in font of him for 10+ minutes. Watch him have a meltdown


NOT HAPPY WITH UPS..i was suppose to receive my package on wed i stayed home whole day and driver just left notice infront of my yard without any knock or door bell on my door. that's not fair :cry i called ups and i was told i should be getting a call back which never happend.

i called em next day and i was told my package has been shipped back to sender :? NOT HAPPY WITH UPS SERVICE :(


I am a UPS shipper. UPS charges me a lower fee if I ship to a commercial address.

In order to increase sales, I must offer FREE shipping to residential consumers. Rather than recovering my shipping expense for hundreds of commercial packages, I must eat the shipping expense for several dozen residential packages. UPS offers me a deal. I agree to "Basic" service, and I get a lower shipping expense, but I must agree to not submit any claims upon those packages.

The only way for me to survive is to use that incentive to make more and more residential sales. Quite stupidly, my residential customers will ask for shipment to the home address, for delivery during the normal work day when they know they won't be home, but the local theives are out in force. Who do they blame.....

you guested it..... they will childishly blame me and UPS.


Those *** have done it to me TWICE within 2 weeks. Two seperate packages claimed "delivered" but they WERE NOT.

At least not to me. I am sitting so despondent and helpless here. I was at home all afternoon, and the package was "delivered" at 6 PM. IT WAS NOT.

No one came. What can you do and how can you prove you are right??? The last package is from an EBAY store. If the package is tracked as "delivered", they WON'T give me a refund - $70!!

How can you find justice?? :cry


It's not that they can't do anything, it's just that they can't give the refund to you, since you didn't pay them to ship it, the company you ordered it from did. Makes sense if you think for a half second or so.

You'll get your refund, just report it to the company that sent it to you.