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I was told at the warehouse facility in Anchorage, AK, where I live, to bring my guitar to a UPS store for it to be properly packaged for safe shipment during the winter. I took guitar to UPS store, spoke with the store manager, paid the extra for $1500 declared value and the manager packaged it and shipped it.

Receiver got the guitar and it had been damaged due to it being stored for extended periods of time in sub freezing temps. I did NOT package the guitar. The UPS store did and I have been told by UPS themselves that if a UPS store packaged it then they would be liable for any damage done to guitar due to their shipping practices.

I had been waiting for almost 2 months for this to be taken care of and I received a call today from the store manager and someone from their main headquarters telling me that UPS denied the claim, TWICE, due to the damage was caused by weather. If the UPS warehouse or the store manager would have told me that declared value isn't insurance and that UPS practices leaving packages in sub freezing temps while shipping I would have chosen a different shipping method or different shipper who could've guaranteed safe arrival of my package. I was informed that the UPS store would be responsible for any damage the guitar received since they packaged it. I TRUSTED they would take care of my package. A store manager at USPS informed me that their insurance is just that, insurance, and that my guitar would've been covered. It may have costed me more to ship than UPS but at least I would've been protected.

I provided before and after photos of guitar to UPS and The UPS store. Sold guitar on Ebay where I have a 100% feedback rating. I am very frustrated. It wasn't my negligence in packaging that caused the damage, it was my trusting in a "professional" shipper.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #797780

Wow this is a delicate matter. Do you have any home owners insurance on it.

Probably wont matter.

I am not sure who is right. Corporate office is not going to help you at all it seems. Your only chance is too take the owner to small claims courts and recover your money. It is really not the store owner's fault but corporate.

However, if your only logical play is small claims court and suing the store owner. You cannot win suing UPS

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #797443

You are protected, the Declared Value is Insurance for all purposes. You will be refunded eventually....yeah UPS's "Declared Value Program" is an unbelievably long process, but you will be refunded.

FedEx is the same and the USPS is a joke. The UPS Store's Pack & Ship Guarantee will protect you if the UPS Store packed it, and shipped it, you are guaranteed to be refunded for the packing & shipping fees and the total "insured" value as long as you can provide replacement value or repair costs.


People who live in sub-zero climates and expect things not to freeze are not MENSA material, if you get my drift.

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