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I ordered 700 pounds of steel strapping from a company in Pennsylvania. They palleted my purchase and sent it westward via UPS Freight. When it seemed my shipment was overdue, I checked the status of it with my UPS Freight Pro Number.

Hmmm. Why was my freight sitting in Denver--for four days--instead of being on its way to Billings, Montana?

I contacted UPS Freight by telephone, and spoke to a girl who sounded, professionally, about 16. She said she would look into the matter and get back to me in 24 hours. When I did not hear from UPS Freight within the promised time, I called again and spoke to a young black gentleman whose Ebonics was well-perfected. (Why do companies hire people whose job it is to communicate in English, for whom English is clearly a challenge?) He said it was time for me to file request for a lost shipment (no kidding?), which I did.

I lost track of my various other phone calls, always initiated by me, but I do know that I eventually got an email that said someone named "Nick" in Denver saw my freight on a dock, and that it would leave that night for Billings. So, with renewed optimism, I checked my freight's status two days later to find...

Still in Denver, expected to arrive in Billings 7 days ago.

After a couple more telephone and email exchanges I was told that my freight seemed to be misplaced and that I should file a claim. The form arrived by email, with the proviso that I could not return it by email, but only by fax or USPS.

Three or four weeks later I received a check for my lost freight. No apology for either UPS Freight's incompetence or the run-around.

My shipper assured me that UPS Freight is generally reliable. Good for him and anyone else who agrees. I only know that losing, then finding, then losing a 700-pound package--and seeming not to care--takes a special brand of incompetence.

~Michael Russell

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I'd like to agree with Michael about incompetence, unprofessional and very poor management. I too have a lost shipment and UPS Freight has failed to communicate repetitively and two employees actually flat out lied. My difference in story from Michael's is my situation as yet to be resolved.


Dear Jack Holmes, President of UPS Freight

Subject: Ups freight services

My order no. Is 259-340966

I'm writing this letter to everyone, I'm a good customer of yours.

Your office in Bakersfield, ca. they do what they want to upset people. My second transmission I had shipped from Florida, they refuse to deliver to me. Your trucks come up here everyday, they call me Friday @ 6:30 AM to deliver my transmission.

I waited all day finally I called them at 4pm they told me driver didn't bring my package up, and that have to wait now till next Friday. I have had a rental car waiting for this tranny for two months. I'm not made of money, a little help would really be welcome change!

They had at there yard for two weeks now. Your paid in full.

Now I run small business of buying and selling computers and servers, the servers weight is 70 pounds, that a lot of money you just lost. I don't care what Fed Ex charges I change all my freight to them. I'm on crusade now against UPS Frieght services, I fact I got a web against you, I list what you doing to me. I'm handicapped and your discriminating against me.

My lawyer will have a field day with this. Please take some time out of your busy day to help me get my package delivered to me. If these people worked for me they wouldn't tommorow. I was president of a west coast business, I made the owner of my companies 10 million per year in gross sales.

He was thrilled with his money he took 30% of that for himself. I know business, you have a real problem on west coast. People problem, customer service! I don't know how you serve business in this area, your terrible in my book!

Resepecially yours, Craig Milburn CJ Comtom Computer, LLC My order number is 259-340966 Look and see how long they have been sitting on this package. Sent from my iPad




Same deal here. Move pallets for my company everyday.

Use Yellow, Conway, Fedex, ABF, Central and never had a lost shipment.

UPS rep cons me into using UPS/Overnight for a shipment. It gets "lost." Never again!


Any company that hires an individual whose job is to CLEARLY ARTICULATE that company's policies--and that then hires someone with poor communications skills or an accent that represents an uneducated grasp of language, clearly is interested only in going through the motions of providing customer service. "Ebonics" is actually a term coined by a school district in California that believes, in their own words, that "Ghetto English" should be funded and taught in public school.

The point is not that blacks, or whites, or asians, or ANYONE whose dialect is unintelligible (outside of their own neighborhoods) are unemployable idiots or deserving of racial slander, it is that they should learn to articulate clearly before expecting to get PAID as professional, English-speaking telephone representives. That goes for Irishmen who want to get paid to speak Leprechaunics at any UPS customer-service office outside of Kilkenny.


Ebonics? Clearly you aren't being racist...

Are you going to say that think Southern accents are people not speaking English, either? How about thick Irish or British accents? If you have an issue with UPS freight, fine, but that was just an odd comment to include.

Just tell the person on the other line that you aren't understanding them clearly due to thier accent. It's not as rude as claiming someone can't speak English because they are speak "Ebonics".


just let you know that ups freight do not have a terminal in billings, mt. instead they have a interline partner that delivers for them in billings, mt. in the future we will be expanding but at the moment we are and we will be continuing to rely on our interline carriers to deliver to area we do not serve.


Thanks for sharing. Nice to know I’m not alone.

I’m having similar problems with UPS freight and I’ve been shocked at how unprofessional they are. My PRO# hasn’t been updated in two weeks and the scheduled delivery date was 9 days ago. In the last 48 hours I’ve been told that delivery of my 130 pound chair was already attempted, that it would be delivered today, that it is lost, that’s it’s been misrouted and is currently on the other side of the country, and that it won’t arrive for another week.

None of this is reflected on the tracking page.