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We recently sent a package to our accountant containing important tax records through UPS. They unilaterally changed the address from a business to a vacant apartment. They were lax in their efforts to try to recover the package. Now they tell us they can only reimburse us for the COST OF THE INK to reproduce those documents. They will not even refund the cost to send the package!!

You may want to warn your audience NOT to use UPS for important documents. I was told that they regularly and often change the delivery addresses without contacting the sender or receiving party. Incidentally, both our phone numbers were on this package.

There may also be fraud involved here. When the receiver sees that documents are being sent to accounting firms, this is an opportunity for identity theft by purposely sending packages to vacant apartments/businesses where they can be intercepted.

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meant to say cash and documents gone


sent documents and cash ( it was a birthday) overnight

they said had wrong routing number - it was encoded

by their employee - when finally arrived correct

address documents and cash - just blank piece

paper in taped up envelope

never ever use ups - its not the cash that matters

it is the *** they give you when you report



I agree. UPS consistently doesn't deliver accurately and gives fraudulent reasons.

Fro example, my son ordered materials fro REI and got a card saying they couldn't deliver because of "Special Event - undeliverable" - that is baloney! I was home all day and there sure was no special event going on!

So he drove 30 miles to get the package himself and then the next day a notice came in the mail saying "Inaccurate deliver Infomation"!

What an incompetent company. How can they stay in business?


Get your facts straight.

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