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UPS - Four Days Late - Still Not Delivered - Worst Shipping Company Ever

Checked their useless tracking system today - said that it would be delivered by end of day today. Stayed at home all day long. It is now 8:15pm - still not delivered. Called their cusotmer service next day, and they blame on At&T not shipping on time. Checked Tracking system next day, to be deliver by end of day. Waited the whole day no deliver. Why is it UPS just can't get it together and do what they say? I will never use UPS even again or purchase anything from anyone that uses the

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Dallas, Texas, United States #763518

UPS is a *** company. You can't get a human on the phone. They blame 2 days of bad weather 2 weeks ago for all the delays. I've had 4 Christmas presents sitting in Denton TX and Dallas TX for 3 days. They were scheduled for delivery on Monday, then rescheduled for Christmas Eve and WALA!!!! Just rescheduled for the 26ths.

In the mean time, we've had 4 or 5 packages in the last week from FedEx w/ no issue at all.

My commercial account will be closed on the 26th and will never use them again.

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