I am a former ups driver. The complaints that are posted here are no doubt real.

The company right now is basically overwhelming there own work force. The drivers stop counts are being pushed up, the average stop count is around 170 stops, split routes as high as 240 stops. Currently, telemetry is incorporated into every package car. Your bulk head door isn't closed a report is printed the next day.

Soon cameras will be added to the package car cabs. Ups keeps tightening the screws for driver and management alike. Management followes the drivers who's telemetry report is bad for that day. With video camera in hand they secretly follow a driver and video tape him.

The pick up schedules for drivers are unrealistic compared to the amount of stops that a driver must deliver.

Some pick ups start at 2 pm , if you have 170 stops you MUST get the bulk of it out before pickups or there maybe no room. Ups makes this job worse for all involved.

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so is this why they never bother ringing the doorbell, they just slap the slip on the door and run to their next stop???


^ all true statements ^

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