Dover, New Hampshire
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I had a lenovo laptop being shipped to me via UPS. I was at home whole day on the delivery but by some miracle UPS missed to find me.

I live on the 3 floor and UPS driver didnt even bother to come up to my door. I only found an info notice stuck on my mailbox later( they never rang the bell !!). Pissed as I was I decided to personally collect the package and called UPS customer service to put the package on hold so that I can collect it the next day. The request was accepted and online status showed that the package would be put on hold.

Well it was not to be so because next day UPS ships it back saying that the customer has moved. I have no idea how UPS came to the conclusion. And the customer service people are ***, I had to call thrice to make them accept their mistake and all they say is I am sorry we messed up we cant do anything now and you have to contact the shipper to send it back.

I wish I could do something about this. The info notice number was 933393880203

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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the shipper requested the pkg be returned. call the shipper and ask why...