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I too spent the day awaiting a UPS delivery and kept checking the tracking information throughout the day. I did not leave my house.

I did not even leave the front room. I continuously looked out the window and checked my porch. UPS never came. However, when I again checked the tracking information at 8:01pm--just after the stated delivery hours had closed--I saw that the driver or someone at UPS had logged in a false statement of attempted delivery less than half an hour before, at 7:35pm.

I WAS SITTING ON MY COUCH ANXIOUSLY AWAITING DELIVERY AT 7:35PM. I am outraged that UPS has simply lied about this delivery attempt, wasting my time and defrauding the company from which I ordered my goods of its fee for guaranteed delivery within two days.

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Brantford, Ontario, Canada #827200
Two times for me. Both times UPS conjured a report about successful delivery when in fact I did not receive my package.

First time I got lucky because I paid with Paypal and they have insurance, second time UPS claimed that someone received it and paid brokerage fees with check. I don't even own a check book:) They marked delivery date just half an hour apart from shipping date (from US to Canada :D). Amazingly, I am still disputing it although it is so obvious that somebody is just messing with the system. I am loosing super expensive phone and that somebody is going to post it for sale on Craigslist or kijiji if not yet.

Sure he/she will try to manage to sell it more than once too.

Happened to me once before: they make you pay with promise to ship hen never ship, then repeat as many times as they can.
UPS is on the forefront of breeding and feeding all kinds of scam!

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