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Everyone experiences this from time to time. I get if the driver is having a long day and doesn't have time to make it to the next town over. They lie all the time. That is how they meet the delivery time window, by lying about delivery attempt.

However, this is getting ridiculous. EVERY TIME I have a UPS delivery I get a "The receiver was not available at the time of the first delivery attempt. A second attempt will be made." EVERY *** TIME.

I used to line up my days where I'm home, so I can sign for important deliveries. But it is near impossible to do that. They don't ring my apartment, no 'sorry we missed you' notice on the door, my windows face the front door and they never show up anyway.

I called the help number and got the same *** they tell everyone. Please leave a pre-signed notice and they will drop it off. WTF?! I order expensive tech that I don't want to leave sitting on the steps to the building. They will do that, leave it outside on a busy street for someone to steal.

Worst part is, FedEx is just as bad.

Also, getting crushed boxes here and there isn't much better...

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Should also mention they constantly ring the wrong apartment because this high-tech intercom system that says 'directory', along with last names associated to apartments is apparently very hard. I've been home and had my neighbor get ringed for my packages. Even he was thinking WTF?

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