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Yes, this winter weather is unexpected and uncontrollable. 'An act of God' according to UPS.

I paid for two day air service and not only can't UPS tell me when the package will be delivered - despite the snow in the midwest having stopped days ago and having stopped in MD last night ----- nor will UPS offer an adjustment or any sort of credit. Apparently being one of the biggest package delivery services is all they care about - and not the paying customer.

I spoke with the customer service rep of the company from whom I purchased the items, and she confirmed that UPS uses the 'act of God' as a reason that UPS won't offer an adjustment in shipping fees. Kiss that money goodbye!

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I shipped with UPS. They contracted with an Affiliate to deliver by a guaranteed date.

Fail !

No only is the date missed, UPS cannot determine the delivery date. They cannot contact the Affiliate for alternate arrangements. Recourse ? None offered. Under their terms, they are not required to meet any delivery commitment for items shipped during the fourteen days before December 25.



How are Fedex and the Postal Service able to get packages to customers but UPS has nothing but excuses? While snow can be used as an excuse for a day or two delay; it is inexcusable after 3, 4, 5, 6 days of delay because of snow that stop falling nearly a week ago.


Yes I think that I am in the same situation as you! Last week I ordered something from on 2/4 shipped ground with USPS and arrived with no problem on 2/12.

Ordered some stuff from WalMart on 2/5 shipped with FedEx and arrived with no problem on 2/8. Ordered something from Amazon on 2/4 paid for 3-day shipping with UPS, it's is 2/13 and I still don't have anything. I am in MD and I know we had a lot of snow but they say it's out for delivery and change it at 6pm saying they couldn't deliver. When I first recieved the tracking number it was supposed to be delivered on Mon 2/8, that Sun 2/7 I got a message from UPS saying I HAVE to be home to sign for the package.

On 2/8, 2/9, and 2/10 the tracking # said it was out for delivery all three days.

The UPS facility that it is at is about 5 miles from my house and finally after actually talking to someone at that location on 2/12 they told me no packages have been processed yet and they don't know how long it will be!!! That is unacceptable and not how a business should be ran!


UPS sends their trucks out with maximum number of deliveries a driver can physically deliver each day, and that is under PERFECT conditions. Walk a mile in snow vs.

dry grass and see how much longer it takes. Drive through neighborhoods and side roads behind slow nervous drivers and see how much longer it takes.

Until driveways and side roads are completely clear, the facility gets overwhelmed with packages that just physically can not get delivered without putting someones safety at risk. It's no fun for anyone.

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